4 Questions to Ask Every Restorer

Do you offer a Guarantee?

Especially when repairing rot, a guarantee is very important. If rot is not treated properly it will continue to spread leaving the window in even worse condition a couple of years down the track. It is surprising how often we re-repair repairs!

Do you Paint your Work?

Paint provides a seal between timber and moisture, preventing rot. If a window is not well sealed, or left unpainted, it will rot very quickly! It is also important to make sure glass seals well against timber beading. Paint will aid in forming this seal.

How do you Treat Rot?

When repairing rot, it is important to remove all of the existing paint to see the full extent of the rot. Quite often it extends much further than you can see from the outside. All rot must then be cut out completely and the cut treated with a copper based timber preservative.

Can you offer a full service?

There are multiple aspects to restoring timber windows. This includes precision carpentry work, glazing and painting.



  • We specialise in repairing rotten windows.
  • Our repairs are generally 25% the cost of replacement.
  • All of our work is completed onsite by a skilled professional.
  • In most circumstances we will guarantee the repair for ten years.

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